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Burton and Holme List of inhabitants 1829

ABBOTSON Edward Solicitor Burton-in-Kendal
ABBOTSON Robt. Surgeon Burton-in-Kendal
ARMER Jon Farmer Stephen Green Burton-in-Kendal
ARMER Thos. Farmer Layer Pitts Burton-in-Kendal
ARMISTEAD Mrs. Betty Holme
ARMSTRONG John Surgeon Burton-in-Kendal
ATKINSON Richd. Vict. King's Arms Burton-in-Kendal
ATKINSON Thos. Flax spinner/twine manufacturer Holme
ATKINSON Watson Vict. Commercial Inn, Holme
ATKINSON Wm. Walsham Esq. , Burton-in-Kendal
BAINBRIDGE Septimus Stonemason Burton-in-Kendal
BEETHAM Thos. Tailor/draper Burton-in-Kendal
BRADSHAW John Grocer Holme
BRAITHWAITE Jas. Maltster Burton-in-Kendal
BRAITHWAITE Mary Straw hat maker Burton-in-Kendal
BRIGGS Edward Butcher Barker House, Burton-in-Kendal
BRIGGS Robt. Butcher/vict. Green Dragon, Burton-in-Kendal
BRIGGS Thos. Butcher Burton-in-Kendal & Milnthorpe
BURNE Agnes Vict. Royal Oak Inn/posting house Burton-in-Kendal
BURROW Robt. Farmer Holme
CHAMBERS Jas. linen draper/coach proprietor Burton-in-Kendal
CLAPHAM Wm. solicitor/clerk to magistrates Burton-in-Kendal
CLOUGH Mrs. Eliz. Burton-in-Kendal
COATES Jas. jun. mnfr. Holme
COCK Henry coal merchant/coke burner Holme
COCK John Burton Hall, Burton-in-Kendal
COCKING John Blacksmith Burton-in-Kendal
DANSON Richd. gardener/seedsman Heron Sike, Burton-in-Kendal
DAVISON John wheelwright/joiner Holme
DAVISON Wm. grocer Holme
DAWSON Thos. shoemaker Holme
DENT Robt. Yeoman Holme
DICKINSON Roger Moss Lane Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal
DUNDERDALE Mary Ann & Sarah ladies boarding school Burton-in-Kendal
EDMONDSON Ann grocer Burton-in-Kendal
ELLERAY Rowland painter/glazier Burton-in-Kendal
FERGUS Alexander wharfinger Burton Wharf, Burton-in-Kendal
FOSTER John manager Holme Mill, Holme
GARTH John farmer/perpetual overseer Holme
GASKILL Wm. farmer Burton
GILL Robt. vict. Cross Keys, Burton-in-Kendal
GRAY Alice Burton-in-Kendal
GREENUP John wheelwright/parish clerk Burton-in-Kendal
HARRISON Luke joiner wheelwright Burton-in-Kendal
HEBBLETHWAITE Jane Burton-in-Kendal
HIGH John grocer Holme
HODGSON John tailor Burton-in-Kendal
HODGSON Revd. Gawen AM curate of Burton Burton-in-Kendal
HODGSON Robt. farmer Burton Hall, Burton
HOLME Robt. Farmer Holme Mill, Holme
HORN Robt. farmer Burton
HUNTER John saddler Burton-in-Kendal
IANSON Thos. & Richd. farmers Holme
IRVINE Jas. assistant surgeon Burton-in-Kendal
JACKSON John grocer/nail maker Burton-in-Kendal
JACKSON Robt. shoemaker Burton-in-Kendal
JAIMESON Eleanor Burton-in-Kendal
JARMEN Jas. joiner/wheelwright Burton-in-Kendal
KELLEY Jas. stonemason Burton-in-Kendal
KIRKBY John shoemaker Burton-in-Kendal
KITSON Rebecca & Ann Burton-in-Kendal
KNOWLES Jane Moss Lane Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal
MORELAND Geo. blacksmith/farrier Burton-in-Kendal
NELSON John spirit merchant Holme
NEWTON Margaret Burton-in-Kendal
NORTH Thos. Burton-in-Kendal
OVINGTON Henry Burton-in-Kendal
PEARSON Michael Noble master of Grammar School Burton-in-Kendal
POSTLETHWAITE Isaac farmer Holme Park, Holme
READER Thos. Burton-in-Kendal
RICHARDSON Giles baker Burton-in-Kendal
RIDLEY Jos. excise officer Burton-in-Kendal
RIGG Jas. coach prop Burton-in-Kendal
RIGG John yeoman Burton-in-Kendal
ROBINSON Jas. & Co lead miners Kirsty Bank, Burton
SILL Rev Henry Burton-in-Kendal
SIMPSON Richd. farmer Scauber Burton
SUTTON Robt. farmer Holme
TAYLOR Richd. stonemason Holme
THOMSON Edward maltster Holme
THOMSON Thos. yeoman Holme
THOMSON Wm. baker Burton-in-Kendal
TOMLINSON Edward tanner Burton-in-Kendal
TOWERS John shoemaker Burton-in-Kendal
TURNER Thos. grocer Burton-in-Kendal
VARTY Thos. carrier Burton-in-Kendal
WAITHMAN & Co flax spinner/mnfr. Holme Mill, Milnthorpe
WALLER John horsekeeper Burton-in-Kendal
WALLER Rev. Bryan vicar/surrogate Burton-in-Kendal
WATSON Hannah grocer Holme
WILCOCK Richd. butcher Burton-in-Kendal
WILKINSON Francis farmer Burton-in-Kendal
WILLIAMS John oculist Church Bank, Burton-in-Kendal
WILSON Richd. tailor/draper/hatter Burton-in-Kendal
WILSON Wm. shoemaker Holme
WINSKILL Jos. farmer Burton



[Taken from 'The Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland and Westmorland with Furness and Cartmel 1829 - an alphabetical index compiled by R.Grigg', from the Parson and White Directory of 1829]

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