2011 Burton Memorial Hall wins £60,000 from Jubilee People's Millions

You helped us to win! Thank you to everyone who supported us in any way. To those who pushed flyers through letterboxes; stuck posters all over the area; made banners for fences; to all the businesses who got behind us and asked their staff and customers for support; to our local councillors and to Tim Farron, MP, whose support has been constant and generous; to all those who spread the word via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other online services; to those who spread the word to friends and family throughout the UK and asked them to support us; to our fabulous local radio stations, The Bay and Lakeland Radio, whose freely and generously given support was phenomenal! 

Thanks also to Border TV, especially the lovely Fiona Armstrong and her terrific cameraman Roy, whose patience and expertise got us through both the media training and the subsequent filming; and finally to all at the BIG Lottery fund and the Jubilee People's Millions without whom none of this would have happened and the biggest of thank you's to everyone who phoned in and voted for us on the day!

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