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December update

It seems a long time since we had our initial B4RN information meeting way back in April. There has been a great deal of work carried out behind the scenes during this passive phase. Martin and Mike have been extremely busy in the village planning out the main trunk routes through Burton and together with Francis Mason-Hornby have been gathering the wayleaves from landowners in order to make the project feasible. B4RN have signed off on the core routes running from east to west through the village.

A huge amount of thanks must go to all the residents and landowners that have signed wayleaves thus far. This is a community project, and we need everyone pulling in the same direction so that the whole village can benefit.

Burton Morewood School have agreed to site the B4RN cabinet in the playing field, providing a central village location which will also enable the school to be connected from day one.

Once the route to the cabinet goes live, Thornleigh Drive, Mowbray Drive and Boon Town will have the connection tantalisingly close in the fields just to the east of each road.

We have a significant number of wayleaves through the village to the west of the A6070 through the Tanpits Lane and Station Lane area. Again, a great reception from all on the wayleave front-thanks again.

What next?? We need as many people as possible to contact B4RN and register an interest. This will show B4RN the undoubted enthusiasm that we have for the project within Burton. Alongside registering an interest the project also requires a level of investment from the community. This investment allows the digging phase to commence and allow the whole project to take off. You can do either of these things directly on the website at b4rn.org.uk/eoibk or via a form from Gill or Akis at the shop.

Once you have registered an interest there is a whole host of ways to contact us and to be kept up to speed on progress.

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Mike Iddon, Martin Sansby, Ollie Craig and Francis Mason-Hornby