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B4RN Fibre Broadband Installation in 2022

Starting before the end of January 2022, B4RN will begin extending its highspeed fibre broadband network in Burton-in-Kendal. This phase is specifically to cover areas which require streetworks construction, using pavements or carriageway as needed. The construction is expected to take several weeks in total, moving through different streets and areas as the work progresses. Some streets have very specific date restrictions which we must work around.

The installation consists of progressively trenching along pavements to install ducting and "toby boxes", one at the boundary of each property. Where there is no pavement, the carriageway is used instead, and the exact route is carefully considered. The toby box is buried at ground level, and it forms the connection point between each property and the main fibre broadband network. During construction there will be footways closed or diverted in accordance with regulations and the trenching will also cross the road in some places to a pre-planned route.

All works will be carried out within approved planning and Streetworks Regulations and under appropriate permits from Cumbria County Council. During construction, the contractors will always consider pedestrian & property access, ensuring that access is available. If you need to take your vehicle in or out when the works are close by, please do talk to the contractors directly and they will create access for you, either immediately or as soon as it is safe to do so.

We understand that parking for cars may be difficult whilst our works are being carried out and contractors may need to ask you to temporarily move parked cars so that they can progress the installation as quickly and efficiently as possible down the pavement. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while the network is installed.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact your local volunteer in the first instance who will be able to contact B4RN directly with any questions they is not able to answer themself.

Details of areas of build can be found below:

First areas of build (not necessarily in this exact order):

Vicarage Lane, Vicarage Close, Hutton Close, Glebe Close, Morewood Drive (during School half term), section of Boon Walks.

Second areas of build (some of these have specific dates due to road closure requirements):

Sections of Main Street/Boon Walks (between Memorial Hall and Tanpits Lane), Tanpits Lane, Hollowrayne, St James Drive, Burton Park, Station Lane, Neddy Hill.

The exact order of construction is determined nearer the time and often dictated by logistics on the ground. It is therefore possible that sections will be built in a discrete way and only joined together once all sections are complete.

You can find out more about B4RN at www.b4rn.org.uk and if you would like to sign up for fibre broadband please go to www.b4rn.org.uk/getb4rn and enter your postcode.