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  • September 14th, 2019

September 14th, 2019

The house connections have commenced for those properties directly connected to the B4RN cabinet, this includes properties on Morewood Drive & Boon Walks.

We await B4RN blowing and splicing the core route fibres but we have a continuous run of conduit from Dalton all the way to the B4RN cabinet at Burton Morewood School. We are on a short list of projects in B4RN space to get this done imminently.


1. Black UV stable conduit screwed to the wall of a property, this is connected into the bottom of the unit via a gas block (in the middle) to prevent radon tracking up the conduit. The top of the unit contains white conduit, this is used inside properties to provide the finishing run to the B4RN router. 

2. Picture showing fibre being blown from a property back to the B4RN chamber, this is done using compressed air. Once blown the property is ready to be connected to the core fibres when blown. 

3. Picture showing the fusing machine, this is used inside properties to connect the blown fibre from the B4RN chamber to the router plate inside properties. 

4 & 5. Pictures showing the B4RN router backplate, the latter ready to receive the B4RN router. This has been installed in an office and will provide a true 1000 mb/s connection to this property, the householder dug in the conduit ready for connection themselves.

We are working to connect as many properties on the ‘head end’ as possible. Once core route fibres are blown we will be looking to send these connections active including Burton Morewood School which will receive a free connection and service for life.

Lots of work completed and lots still to do!

Kind regards

Mike Iddon

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