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  • August 15th, 2019

August 15th, 2019

B4RN have carried out the Caterpillar Walk Crossing. 

B4RN have carried out the road crossing across Vicarage Lane. This means we have a continuous conduit run from Dalton to the B4RN cabinet at Burton Morewood School. 

We have dug a trench behind the B4RN cabinet to allow an electrical connection to be made to the school next week. 

All the conduit in the Martin chamber has been cut to the correct length & permanently labelled ready for fibre blowing. The blue conduit is the fibre already blown through to the school server room.

We are on a waiting list to get B4RN to blow & splice core fibres from Dalton to the school. Once this is completed it will allow the school to go live.

Kind regards

Mike Iddon

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