July 25th, 2019

We’ve had a really busy day digging today, thank you to our volunteers who helped in the baking heat and humidity, Steve Thexton, Ollie Craig, and Martin Sansby.

We’ve dug in the last 80 metres of core conduit from the back of Morewood Drive and linked it to the final chamber on route one. This means we need a road crossing for Vicarage Lane and a pedestrian crossing for Caterpillar walk (both booked in with B4RN civil team) to give us a continuous run from the school cabinet to Dalton where the connection is live.

My favourite quote of the day was from Steve Thexton who likened installing B4RN in these conditions to installing high speed internet in a tropical rainforest!

Sue Caddy from Silverdale has done an excellent job supporting us, she was there for day one when we broke soil at the school and was with us today to see the first route nearing completion. Iain Robertson brought his toro trencher to help reduce how much digging we needed to do. Apart from getting it stuck bringing it off the last digging site we had a successful dig!

Michelle + Alex Leek, Madeleine Iddon and Fiona Thexton were total life savers today bringing out delicious ice cream plus chilled water, ice lollies and brews respectively, thank you so much for keeping us going.

We managed to finish just before the big thunderstorm struck so that was a real bonus.

Please spread the word about B4RN and we still need investment in this project. We are getting closer to achieving our first ambition to provide a gigabit per second broadband connection to our primary school.

I’ve taken a few pictures to highlight what we’ve been up to. (Click any to make it bigger).

Kind regards


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