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B4RN Hyperfast Broadband for Burton

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) is a professionally designed fibre optic broadband network, run for the community, by the community. They offer 1,000Mbps (1 Gigabit per second) fibre to the Home or Business for every property in their coverage area. We now have the opportunity to get B4RN to Burton-in-Kendal served from the cabinet that is being installed at the new Church Bank Gardens development.

Benefits of B4RN

• Hyperfast: Speeds of 1Gbps. Every member of your household/business can use fast broadband without frustration. Great for video calls like Skype and Facetime.

• Unlimited: Great for streaming – no more buffering Netflix and iPlayer!

• Reliable: Doesn’t use any overhead copper landlines, so won’t drop out in a storm.

• Affordable: Slower ‘superfast’ providers struggle to match B4RN on price (B4RN don’t charge a line rental and you can dispense with your landline once you have B4RN installed).

• Supportive: Office hours support from their base in Melling, next day call out and 24/7 support contract for core network issues.

• Adds Value/Attractiveness to home/business: Local estate agents have started displaying the B4RN logo as a selling point for homes within the B4RN area.

• Tax Efficient Investments: HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme compliant (30% tax relief).

Why B4RN for Burton-in-Kendal?

With current speeds around 30Mbps, which often drop at peak times, residents of Burton who we have spoken to are keen to future proof their homes with access to full fibre internet. We are luckier than most rural communities as the Burton Telephone Exchange in Boon Town has been fibre enabled but we are still reliant on copper lines to our homes. Only B4RN is offering fibre to our homes, with speeds far above today’s requirement.  It is right on our doorstep, and through the volunteer-led nature of the business, it is never going to be more cost effective than now to take this up. 

How do we get it?  

The core B4RN network is serving properties in Dalton. The core trunk route has been mole ploughed in past the hamlet of Dalton itself and is planned to then complete the loop by connecting to the new cabinet at Church Bank Gardens.  If this is going to happen we need you, the property owners in Burton-in-Kendal, investing in B4RN with your energy and enthusiasm, by registering an interest or you can also invest financially (detailed illustrations are available on the B4RN website, B4RN.org.uk)  As a community, we need to plan and dig the route, especially the spurs to our homes. We also need teas brewed and cakes baked to feed a hungry B4RN community volunteer workforce! This is a great opportunity to bring the community together.


We urge everyone to get on board and if nothing else please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your views about installing B4RN in Burton.

We have set up a Facebook page at fb.me/B4RN4burton , and will soon have a webpage via www.burtonweb.org.uk.

Mike Iddon (Morewood Drive) and Francis Mason-Hornby (Dalton Hall)